Welcome to my passion. I’ve been designing stunning, award winning residential and commercial spaces on the East and West Coasts for well over two decades now. I pride myself on truly getting to know my clients, who end up becoming great referral sources and some even become friends! Truly paying attention to how my clients use their homes, getting into their heads to discover where to take their spaces to deliver them designs that are innovative, maybe push the envelope just enough to be comfortable, yet a tiny bit daring… I pride myself on that! I take the time to understand you, because communication when remodeling your home is SO vitally important to a smooth process. When working on your business, cohesive design is essential to branding your company with recognizable features that keep customers coming back.

My business is a one stop shop for everything from color consultations, to decoration to full remodels. Whether we work with my contractors or your own, I make sure to provide concise plans and proficient project management. I do my best to take the stress of remodeling away from you, so you can focus on life! I’m extremely detail oriented so even the slightest mistakes are addressed to bring you as perfect an installation as possible. When everyone does their job well, there’s value in your investment. Trust your investment to me; I’ll take great care of it!


“You are anything but beige. Shouldn’t your home be the same?”                                                                        — Michelle