Ah… the bedroom! Your domain, your sanctuary, the place where you rest your head and leave the cares of the day behind… and also one of the MOST neglected spaces in your house when it comes to design. Me, as a designer, I don’t blame you. In fact, whenever I go into a client’s home I tell them the same shpeal, “Focus on the rooms that visitors to your home see first, then work on the private rooms behind closed doors.” It makes sense, because we want our homes to be picture perfect to others, but that also means that, in some ways, we’ve placed ourselves last in the list of home remodel priorities. Not anymore! Today, let’s focus on THE RIGHT WAY to design your bedroom.

Step one is that you must understand the function of your space. Every room has a function, and based on that, we plan our design.



Yep, that’s right, I said it… someone had to… and it’s true! Your bedroom is not made to be your office, your theater, your family space… YOU HAVE OTHER ROOMS FOR THAT. Your bedroom is solely for the functions of relaxation.

Now that I’ve said that, there are a few do’s and don’ts directly related to this concept and they are fairly simple in nature.


use dark colors in your bedroom to promote sleep. There is actual science to this. Think about the time of day when we go to bed… is the sky not dark? When the light hits your eyes in the morning, do you not want to wake up? Well, there you go! When you enter your bedroom, it should be dark and prepare your eyes for the task at hand. This can be done in many beautiful colors and can coordinate with light colored bedding, for a nice contrast. If your bedding is dark as well, no worries. Tone on tone coordination works just as well. If you need help with this step, I highly recommend you continue to read this post (because I’m entertaining) and then contact me immediately (info on my website contact page 🙂  )


have a television in your room. I realize that most of us do, but doing so means that your intention is to stay up, which is the opposite of the purpose of your bed and bedroom…


have soothing, tranquil artwork in your room to bring about a sense of calm. Abstract paintings devoid of harsh lines and resembling water are the easiest ways to achieve this.


use red, orange, yellow or anything bright as a paint color in this room. All of these colors are meant to stimulate your mind (and red and yellow specifically stimulate your hunger, think McDonalds, Burger King and In & Out Burger).


install a dimmer switch to allow yourself differing degrees of mood lighting. Not only is this nice for a romantic evening, but can also help foster sleepiness as your evening draws to a close.


have a desk in your bedroom. Not only do you usually not have room for one, but you should not be working here… REMEMBER SEX AND SLEEP???


give yourself at least one bedside table or nightstand with a lamp. If you’re a reader before bed (which is ok, because reading promotes restfulness) ensure that your lamp is bright enough to be able to read by, yet also beautiful enough that it’s presence does not disturb the balance in the room. Make sure that the widest part of your lamp is not larger than 2/3’s the width of it’s table, or it will look disproportionate.



Stay tuned for Part 2 of this blog post later this coming week, where I show you how to put a room together. This formula is the OPPOSITE of what you should do in a kid’s bedroom. I’ll write about that soon too!

Have a great day! Besos

Understanding THE RIGHT WAY to design your bedroom- Pt. 1

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