Metals… one of the staples in any room’s decor or fashionista’s outfit…. If you’re like me, you were so happy for the 90’s to come and go and end the era of brass fixtures! And yet, the last two years have seen a resurgence of a gold metal, fresh on the scene in the hottest outfits and home decor sections everywhere. But don’t worry, this is not your grandmother’s antique brass of yesteryear. Whether it’s subdued and satin or bold and in your face bright, gold accessories are making a comeback in a very strong way and are not going anywhere anytime soon…. thankfully, what is going away is oil rubbed bronze. Thank goodness and good riddens! (I never thought it would stay long)

So… what do you do with all of your silver, chrome and nickel decor? Nothing! You don’t have to get rid of it unless you want to. Instead, cleverly mix a few pieces of gold into your current decor to create the perfect blend of mixed metals.

Layer on fresh gold accents just the same as you would when adding a few extra bracelets to your arm. If it looks right, you’re probably not doing it wrong… if it looks wrong, you still are probably not doing it wrong, it just takes some getting used to! 😉

Start simple. If you have a series of picture frames on a gallery wall, take two of them and change them to gold. Add a few small gold accent pieces to your current cluster of decor. Mix silver and gold candleholders for another small change or pillows with silver and gold bling for the holiday season.

I love this picture, courtesy of www,, showing the right way to mix metals in a space.

Gold works well with gray walls, and mirrored pieces, so all of the current trends can dance with gold. In large doses it can certainly make your decor more formal or just add more fun to a consistent space, like above. One thing is for sure, this color is not going away any time soon, so you’ll have time to learn to love it and incorporate it into your next room redo.

Ready to make a big change? Start with the fabulous Enzo bed by ZGallerie (top pic above) and build your bedroom around it’s glamour. It’s definitely a stand alone piece and requires no other metals in the room, unless you want to go there! Whether you do it in small doses or take the plunge, gold is the newest metal to grace your space. I hope this will help you take a chance on it soon.

All that glitters is GOLD now

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