Sure… I can say it many other ways, some way more PC,  but this is a very serious matter here, so harsh words may just work best.  I can guarantee if you do actually go through with a half-ass remodel, your words will be FAR WORSE than mine, so let’s get to it!

You have big dreams for your home. You may not know just what you want to do with it, just that you want it to feel comfy, look elegant or like a model home. YOU’RE READY FOR A REMODEL and whether it’s one room or your whole house, you know what you wish for and then there is reality. Hopefully the two concepts are very close together, but many homeowners find that remodeling costs far more than they thought, especially if it’s their first time.

Thanks to channels like HGTV, Bravo and DIY, many homeowners also believe they have these options available to them:

  1.  They don’t need a designer because finding products you love is so easy thanks to the internet and liquidations stores.
  2.  It’s not going to cost too much because remnants and liquidation places save you tons of money.
  3. They can find a quality contractor on craigslist.
  4. They’ll get three bids and use the cheapest one to save money, and since they’re all pros, that means the other two bids are just overpriced.
  5. No matter what room it is, the job will be done in two weeks or less with no issues.
  6. They’ll pick the brains of the “free designers” at the furniture store to help them put their look together.
  7. Just like on TV, their remodel will be EASY!

I’m sure you know by now that i’m going to tell you all of those beliefs are WRONG!

Remodels very rarely go well with no issues. It’s your designer that makes them look that way. We take away the burdens and the stress associated with all of the orders, products, and contractors that work in rotation on your home.

You may be able to find some cool stuff for your house on your own, but you need to understand that most internet sites like and liquidation places near your home offer DISCONTINUED or overstocked products. These are items that either didn’t sell well for that manufacturer or are in such limited quantity that once they’re gone, that’s it, you’re screwed if you need more or if it comes in damaged or in need of replacement parts. Planning a room around things you aren’t sure of is not a good way to go! And designers have much more variety of product at their disposal than you do!

There are exceptions to the rule when it comes to finding a quality service provider on craigslist, but that is rare.

Getting three estimates and selecting the lowest one to save money is almost always a crap shoot. Nine times out of ten that is the worst person to pick for the job because they are low-balling the bid to get the job, then intending to mark it up later. Don’t ask them this, they’re not going to willingly nod in agreement. Again, if you have a designer on the job, they will know what the labor should look like in terms of cost. As a designer in AZ and NY I have no problem working with my client’s contractors, but I can spot bs in a bid a mile away. I have my own contractors I work with on a regular basis because they are good at what they do and well priced. But when I work with your contractor, it is my job to keep them on task and on budget for your benefit. If you’ve seen any of the house flipper shows, you’ll see this is not an easy task for someone who is not in the business.

No offense to furniture salespeople, but I used to be a CNA for years, yet a patient wouldn’t come to me to treat an illness that required a doctor, I just wasn’t qualified for the job… but I could shower them and change their bedpan with expert precision! It’s the same thing with seeking assistance from a “designer” at a furniture or tile store. They are no designer, my friend. Why would you trust them with putting your final look together? It’s their job to sell you as many pieces of their most expensive furniture that they can… and that’s it… no more variety than what they offer in their store. When you work with a designer, you have every store and brand at your disposal!

Timelines are NEVER what you think they will be. There are product delays and conflicts in contractor schedules. You must understand that, your designer has several clients at a time and so do contractors. It’s a well planned dance we do to maneuver it all, but us designers are experts at it… and even with that, SHIT HAPPENS, so expect it!

REMODELS COST BUCKS!!! You may just be replacing your floor tile in our living room or simply doing a cosmetic remodel and just replacing the furnishings… Whatever you are doing, you want to do it the right way and ONE TIME and the only way to ensure this is to do it with professional assistance, using quality pieces and quality contractors to do the job. You may need to completely gut your room and replace everything in it, but without the most accurate budget to complete the tasks realistically, you are just setting yourself up for disappointment or the desire to skip steps and do a half- ass job to get it done. I’m BEGGING YOU, please don’t!

  1. Invest in a design consultation to go over your thoughts on what you plan to do.
  2. Get an estimate of what it will cost to do exactly what you dream of for your room.
  3. Ask the designer if things can possibly be broken down into smaller projects, with the direction of what project should be tackled first, followed by lesser projects, if you cannot afford to do it all, the right way, at the same time.
  4. Beautiful tile installed by an amateur doesn’t look any better because it’s good tile- it will still look like crap! Consider the quality of both the product and install.
  5. Understand the same works in reverse, buying a cheap product that looks it but is installed well is not much better!  Invest well in both!
  6. Stop thinking you’ll save money without hiring a designer. We get things right the first time and make up for our cost that way. It’s the “measure twice, cut once mentality”. We help make sure you’re not ordering the wrong size custom sofa that you either have to live with or sell on craigslist after you wait eight weeks for it to come in, only to order another one that fits better!

In the end it’s your money, so spend it wisely. This doesn’t mean cut corners. It means make smart decisions for your home. After all, you will not remodel again for another 7-10 years. Take your total remodel cost and split it up into 7-10 yearly payments like your mortgage and see if you feel that you and your home deserve it. I’m pretty sure you’ll say yes!

And if you’re looking for a no nonsense, fantastic designer in the Phoenix metro area, give me a call! I’d love to work with you. Don’t live near me, I travel! Just call me or fill out my contact page and it’s Fashion House Interiors to the rescue! My cape is ready!!! 🙂

Don’t Half-Ass Your Remodel

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