I’m a sofa in your living room… what am I saying to you right now? Am I brown and outdated? Am I way too big for my surroundings? Do I look lazy and unstructured, like I’m just tired and worn out? OH NO… am I beige? I’m beige, aren’t I? What do my friends look like? Do the chairs look just like me or are they more exciting with patterns and bold colors? Is my room even painted, or is it still the color it was when we first moved here?

The living room is one of the most important rooms of the home. Unless your home has a family room, it’s where you and your guests sit and watch television or talk. It’s one of the most viewed rooms of the house, so it should always look it’s best. It should also FEEL it’s best. Is it cozy? Is it warm? Does it make you want to sit and stay awhile?

Believe it or not, your living room says a lot about you! If you’re a neat freak, your living room will be well cleaned and organized. If you collect things, your room may contain clutter. If you’re bold and like to make a statement, your room may have fun pieces in it. If you’re daring, it will show in the patterns throughout the room. If you love color, your room will be nothing neutral but if you’re scared of color, your living room may be lack-luster.

Now, if you look around your room right now and think, hey this room is nothing like me! It doesn’t express who I really want to be… then congratulations, you’re ready for a remodel! You’ve probably known this for a while but just haven’t pulled the trigger. I understand, it’s not necessarily a cheap endeavor, nor is it an easy one! Decisions must be made, colors and patterns and textures chosen… and depending on the size of the room and quality of the furnishings, it can cost a pretty penny to show off your true self. There is that saying my mother used to have- “Champagne taste and a beer budget!”

I say TAKE A CHANCE! EXPRESS YOUR INNER YOU- whether it’s your inner diva, your secret love of navy blue or polka-dots, your long held-in desire to do an ethnic space or channel your love for classic cars. Take that step and change the conversation your living room is having about you. Some of your living rooms are straight up swearing right now! Lol

What your living room says about you…

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