So, I know the weather is getting a bit cooler if you live anywhere else but Arizona… we are cooling down to a frigid 82 degrees in November. Brrrrr! Lol. But seriously, it wasn’t all that long ago when I was visiting one of my favorite Philly Cheesesteak spots in Tempe, and I noticed one of my biggest pet peeves in bad design, a lack of common design sense!

Look at the exterior patio seating of this restaurant. Need I remind you that this seating is for an Arizona restaurant, in the middle of summer, when our average high is well over 100 degrees and the low is a high ninety! If you notice this seating is made of metal, which can severely BURN YOUR SKIN when exposed to heat. Considering that we damn near live on the equator, why the heck would you specify a metal chair and table set to eat on when dining on said equator for a cheesesteak and fries? It just MAKES NO SENSE!

Homeowners can easily make the same mistake, with all of the cute, uniquely shaped furnishings you see on sale at Ikea or some funky online shops. Sure, you can cover the seat with a nice cushion, but that won’t help the burning metal arms on the chair. And what about the table top? Of all the things to manufacture outdoor furnishing out of, why metal? Of all of the varieties of furnishings out there, what makes a fellow designer say, “hey, this will work well!” It’s just so sad when designers get something so wrong that should be so obvious! I can guarantee they’ve wasted thousands of dollars on those seats meant to expand their seating by several to a dozen, while all it’s done is increased the amount of obstacles on the way to the indoor seating wait list!

This space proves one of two things: either the owners did their own remodel of the restaurant or their designer was not a designer at all, but merely a decorator. THERE IS A DIFFERENCE! Decorators only understand aesthetics and not how to properly design a space. When hiring a “designer” in Arizona, please know that ANYONE can call themselves one, it doesn’t mean they have the knowledge to back up their claim. Someone should invite this designer over on one of our nice, sweltering summer days for lunch… in the least shady spot on their patio!

The Mad Designer Talks About Bad Choices in Outdoor Furniture

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