Happy Birthday to Me

Last Monday, November 3rd, I turned the BIG 4-0! While I expected the day to make me feel monumentally different than every day that preceded it, I did notice a deeper appreciation for the things I had and the people around me. I guess at 40 you tend to take stock of all that you have accomplished up to that date and it can be an amazing feeling to just look back at where you once were and the windy, obstacle filled road that brought you to where you are now.

My career in design began designing furniture for my ex-husband in the early nineties while still in high school. He soon after graduating began a custom cabinetry company, which eventually grew into a custom cabinet, interior design and remodeling company that catered to the NY and New England areas. In 2004 we relocated our company from the east coast to the west and eventually separated them, creating Fashion House Interiors in 2009. I look back at my twenty two years in the business and I could not be happier at where I am.

In addition to being AZ’s Premiere Interior Designer, I also travel to clients all over the United States and am the Home Editor for Style Redefine Magazine, doing a monthly feature of design picks sponsored by West Elm, one of the largest contemporary furniture stores in the country. Outside of a few design bucket list items, I am living my dream and could not be happier. I’m even divorced from the man who I began my design life with all those yeas ago and we still work together creating pieces for my clients.

Four decades of life also makes me ,as a designer, think about all of the trends that have come and gone and then COME BACK AGAIN as the circle of life in fashion and design is infinitely repeating. In 1974 avocado, goldenrod yellow and orange were all the rage from appliances to shag carpet. Mid century modern furnishings were considered the new thing and afro puffs topped the heads of everyone from disco fanatics to politicians.

Here it is, now forty years later and shag has not only come back, but has been a mainstay in carpet design for over ten years now. Then there is Mid-Century Modern, which has been a desirable sleek and modern furnishing style for the last two decades and one that I love to use in my client’s homes. It’s an elegant way to do modern when looking for a nod to yesteryear, considered “retro.” The furnishings were made well and were quite comfortable for their sleek looks. Avocado, yellow and orange have also been popular in the design world continuously for the last decade. All of these looks have been modernized to adapt to today’s interiors and most have gone from “Design Trend” to “Design Staple”, yet incorporating them into your home still takes the careful eye of a designer who will make sure to create a timeless look, selecting the least “trendy” of these fittings and furnishings to meet your needs. It can be very easy to purchase items within the style that will be out of style within a few years. Plus, you know I’ll always advise you to hire a designer, duh!

Anyway… back to work I go! I will try (in my old age) to remember to blog more! I’ve missed you all and have so much to share in the coming months, including past projects that I’ve completed that I’d love to share… Have a great week.


Happy Birthday to Me

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