Designing your home for the next man… not yourself!!!

I cannot tell you the number of times i hear these things: “I’d like to keep it neutral, so it’ll make it easier when we sell.” “I love color, but we can’t get too wild, it’ll hurt resale.” “I really want this tile, but I know I can’t use it because it’s not neutral enough.” STOP IT!!!

YOU DON’T EVEN KNOW THEM… why do you care what they like? As a designer for over twenty years, I have to tell you a little secret. There’s a right way and a wrong was to do non-neutral items in a home. Have you been to a model home lately? Do you ever say, “there’s just way too much color in here. Why isn’t this interior neutral.” The truth is, most of us hate neutral color palettes. We don’t walk around wearing nothing but tan or gray, why punish your home the same way?

Here’s another designer secret I’ll share with you. When your new homeowner hires me, we’re more than likely going to tear out everything anyway. It can be the nicest cabinetry in the kitchen or the most neutral tile selection. Homeowner’s tastes are so specific and the variety of products out there are so vast that it’s very rare that your neutral choices will be the same ones the next homeowner would want to keep. 

The silliest thing I hear from homeowners is when they tell me they are designing for the next person and I ask how long it will be til they plan on selling their house, and they say “five years.” HELLO???? You’re seriously worried about someone else’s taste five years from now? Every year Pantone releases a new ‘Color of the Year’ and all furniture stores create new styles, lines and designs of furnishings and accessories twice a year. That means new furnishings will come into style ten times before you put your home up for sale. Trust me, what’s relevant now will not be five years from now. 

Treat your home like YOUR PERSONAL SANCTUARY, not a rental. Hire a designer to assist you in making choices that are more taste specific and involve the right colors without being boring and stuck in neutral. The right color, the right selections, the right design choices in your home will make all the difference and will allow a new homeowner to see the potential of your home. Chances are more than likely that you will be remodeling before you ever put your house on the market anyway! Let’s worry about what they may want then… NAH!



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