If you have ever read my blog for any period of time, you would know one thing about me… I despise the idea of Tuscan design! Now, I say “the idea” of it, as opposed to Tuscan design itself, because I love many styles of interior design and can achieve them all with great skill! The problem I have with Tuscan design is that EVERYBODY AND THEIR MOTHER HAS A TUSCAN INTERIOR and it is still going on!

When I first moved to Arizona I was terrified that my interior design jobs would all be southwestern and Kokopellis. So, I was excited when my first design job was for a 6,200 sq. ft. home who’s owner considered her style to be “Tuscan”. I took cues from what she had in the room, but was a little shocked that she considered the style to be Tuscan. After all, I am a design professional with years of education and a degree to my name, and ethnic styles are my specialty, so I know that true Tuscan style resembles nothing like what all of these “Tuscan” wanna be homes look like. If you’ve ever been to Tuscany (which I have not, but many of my clients have), you’d know that the style is far more old world and sporadic in nature. Furnishings are not overstuffed and large in scale. As a matter of fact, Italian furnishings are small. Italy boasts marble, not travertine and there’s barely any brown. True Italian design is colorful and most rooms are light and airy, not cavernous. Take a look at this Italian living room…

This is what neutral looks like there, hints of light blue everywhere, marble floors, floral and damask patterns.

Here’s another…

So, outside of the above shown pictures being more of what Italy truly looks like, I have one true reason that it’s my #2 hated thing about AZ interior design, IT’S TIRED! It’s so overdone and boring and drab and brown and tan and, did I say boring? What drives me crazy is that people come from all over the country to live in Arizona and their styles completely change when they move here because they feel like the outside of their home is “Tuscan” so the inside should follow suit. The truth is that is not true whatsoever. The inside of your home can look like whatever you choose it to. Your colonial does not have to look Colonial inside, your “Tuscan” home can be contemporary or traditional or any other style you desire. Please understand that Tuscan was a fad, just as much as Brushstrokes were in the 90’s. It came, it lived, it died and it’s gone… LET IT GO AND MOVE ONTO SOMETHING EXCITING, like the 20 other design styles that have been a big deal for the last five years or so…. Can we please bury Tuscan?


R.I.P. Tuscan Design

2004- 2008

The Mad Designer’s Ten Things I Hate About Arizona Interior Design #2

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