Clear glass shower doors

On the East Coast it’s all very simple. You have a shower door made of glass. Even if you are one of a couple, unless you are making a movie, washing your body is just not a sensual and sexy thing. It’s more of a necessary function of basic hygiene. Because of this, it’s not an activity that is highly watched… thus the reason that glass need not be clear. Most glass in East Coast showers are opaque or frosted, seeded or linear (rain glass). They may be decorative, but they either have a pattern or a way to prevent you seeing directly through them. But that’s not the best part… because they are not clear, they are much easier to clean.

I have yet to find an Arizona home that has perfect water that doesn’t stain shower doors. And yes, many of us have maids who do all of the cleaning for us, but in between those visits, we are on our own. Why have to clean up water stains on top of real messes? Now, designers here will tell you that it’s the only way to see the decorative tile they’ve put in. But, I am doing more snail- style and doorless showers than anything else and they have no doors at all, so, yes, you have to actually be in the shower to see the decorative tile. It’s not meant to be seen from the outside, it’s meant to be enjoyed by the shower-taker!

So, I hate clear glass doors, yet I can rarely get a client to do anything but, because they are inexpensive, readily available without special order and the norm here in AZ. It still doesn’t change the fact that I don’t care for them, and now you know why!

Stay tuned for my last two reasons why I hate AZ interior design, because they are my BIGGEST DESIGN PET PEEVES HERE!

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