If I had a dollar for every home in Arizona that has a granite countertop, I’d be a millionaire. Not only that… but if I had another dollar for every home that has St. Cecelia or one of the other five Series 1 and 2, “everyone and their mother has them” granites, I’d be chillin with Bill and Melinda Gates right about now!

Granite, what was once seen as a luxury item in a kitchen and bathroom, has now become a standard, but that doesn’t mean it’s the only or best option for your home. Yes, granite has become a far more affordable option than it was in the past and that makes it an appealing choice for dressing up your kitchen, but if you are someone who truly uses your kitchen and cooks a lot, there is a beautiful product called quartz that is a popular choice in the East Coast and is rarely used here, other than in contemporary homes. Besides this, there is glass, paper, recycled plastics, metal and specialty wood countertops that offer unique looks for homeowners who are not scared to stray away from the ho hum granite options you can find at Lowes and Home Depot.

It’s not so much that I dislike granite per say, it’s just that I hate boring and rooms that lack unique characteristics. Every home can have something about it that makes it individual. The beauty of granite is in the heavy veining or lines that make up it’s patterns and color combinations.

Atacama Black Granite photo courtesy of
Columbo Gold Granite photo courtesy of

To me… the two pictures above show the whole point of using granite. Yes, granite is a very strong surface, it’s stone! Yes, you can put a very hot pot from your stove directly on many granite tops… but who really does that? Seriously? Granite countertops in Arizona have become the norm, just like laminate tops were twenty years ago and solid surface tops became in the early 2000’s. Unless you’re investing in a showpiece granite that makes your kitchen stand out… it’s just the same ole, same ole… and I HATE the same ole, same ole!


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