Overuse of Travertine….


I’ve lived in the beautiful Valley of the Sun for ten years now and although New York will always be home to me, Arizona is my sanctuary. I just wish that sanctuary had floors covered in something other than boring, blah, tan Travertine!

Natural stone flooring is a wonderful choice for unique characteristics from tile to tile, as no two pieces are alike. Coming from NY, where the typical choice in stone is marble and enjoying working in New England, where it’s most often times slate, I was initially intrigued with the many different patterns and sizes of Travertine that existed in AZ. With our close proximity to Mexico, the supply of Travertine is quite high. That combined with the many people who sought Tuscan style here, led to damn near every high end home installing Travertine on their floors. Have you every been to Tuscany? Travertine is one stone you’re not going to find there… they use Italian Marble… lol, just saying! Back to why I hate it… SIMPLY, EVERYONE HAS IT! HOW BORING!!! It’s bad enough that so many of our cookie cutter houses have to look the same outside, but must they all have the same floor too?

I am happy to say that the change in neutral palette from tan to gray has helped to calm down the gross misuse of Travertine, but so many homes already have it. Many homeowners who I work with are actually removing it rather than installing it, as they are finding it’s upkeep to be a bit labor intensive. It dulls quickly, many cleaners create a film over it and the crevices and grout collect dirt quite easily. Thankfully there are many much cooler looking, easier to clean porcelains that have a stone look (some even resembling the T word), that are a little more exciting to look at and have way better maintenance. But, now that the supply is higher than the demand, this menace has become cheaper to buy and is still an attractive idea to homeowners who could not afford to jump on the bandwagon a few years ago. Well, I say let that wagon roll on without you…. Not only is Travertine dated but it’s one of the least desirable and uninteresting choices in flooring since the 12″ ceramic tile. If you only spent a few hours in the presence of a good interior designer, we can open your eyes to a plethora of amazing new flooring styles for your home. Travertine= NO!


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