The “Spa” Bathroom

Hello everyone! Sorry for the break, but I’ve spent the last week and a half moving. That sounds like a long time to move an apartment’s worth of stuff into a house, but, in my defense- I am a designer and we move a little differently than the average home owner. My only problem there is that my movers didn’t agree with my methods and now I can’t find ANYTHING!!! My office is not even put together yet and I went a few days without internet thanks to a schedule mix up which had me fuming!!! I should be blogging about the ten reasons I hate Cox Cable right now, but I digress…

Back to business…

I still remember the first time I heard the words “spa bathroom”. What a great concept! A tranquil space reminiscent of the ocean in cool, light aqua blues with beach colored accents and lots of white moldings, maybe marble, glass. When you say those words, pretty much anyone can form the vision within their mind. How relaxing a space to come into after a long day of work! What can possibly be the problem with such an idea? Nothing… if Arizonans didn’t take the concept and transform it into the cookie cutter regurgitation that it has become in the world of design.

Have you been to an actual spa lately? How many of them are actually aqua blue these days? You can go into nearly any home here in AZ, devoid of any color other than tan, yet that master will be some shade of aqua, light blue or a combination of the two. I don’t hate the idea, I hate the lack of creativity behind it. What about all of the other light, pastel colors in the rainbow? And many spas are not even light in color. Most have wallpaper, or a wall treatment in an interesting dynamic. Many have tile on the entire wall. Nearly all are contemporary because the clean lines are part of the soothing nature of the spa concept. ¬†One thing that none of them are, is neutral in color palette, unless the concept behind the spa is Earth, which few do. When I think spa, I think orange, lavender, peach (yep, I said peach (or light salmon to those who think peach is still a 90’s color), teal and gray, aubergine, garnet, deep blue. A spa’s tranquility is more in it’s design than it is in the one footprint that everyone has taken off and ran with. Open up your mind and allow possibilities beyond the norm. And Arizona designers, stop short changing your clients with the same ole, same ole… Oh the places I can take a spa bathroom!!!!!

The Mad Designer’s Ten Things I Hate About Arizona Interior Design #6

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