If there is one thing I miss about East Coast interior design, it’s the variety of wall treatments I could incorporate into a space. I had oodles of options, from panels to wainscoting to my favorite, wallpaper. Once upon a time, in a far away land known as America, people would wallpaper their walls in interesting patterns and actual colors… not tan. Yes, back in the day’s wallpapers were hideous if we reminisce on them now. I’m watching my good friend Barbara in NY go through a room to room remodel where every room’s paper is different and more disgusting, I mean distinguished than the last. Lol But, when I left NY wallpapers became amazing and the patterns were fun and colors so vibrant and exciting or classic and demure that you can find a paper to go with any and every decor and style you can come up with. And even now, if you can’t find it, you can create custom wallpaper in the exact pattern and color and size of print you desire. Wallpaper is a room’s best kept secret, yet it’s so secret that it’s barely whispered in these here parts! Some of it can be attributed to our textured walls (REASON #6 coming up), but for the most part it’s a fear of the unknown. I just don’t understand what the unknown is…

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Wallpaper can add such textural interest to a space. It can define it’s uniqueness and add fun to a dull space. You don’t even have to paper the whole room. Wanna talk about an accent wall? Wallpaper makes it’s mark as the ultimate accent! There are a few minor things to consider when thinking about a wallpapered wall. You’d prefer it be installed on a flat wall versus texture. Not to say that it would not look good on a textured wall, because some papers look fab, but it’s a bit more difficult to match tight seams with a textured wall behind. BUT… homeowners here act as though that’s the end of the world and a huge feat to accomplish. You simply have someone smooth out your wall. I’ve done dozens of high end homes where they’ve paid thousands for a faux finish, yet wallpaper has many styles you can’t achieve by hand. Not to say that faux finished walls are not amazing too, because I have an awesome faux finisher I work with. (If you need one, please call me). But wallpaper shouldn’t be a four letter word. Even more, it’s much easier to remove than it once was, making it a safe choice if you one year plan to sell your home. And even that doesn’t mean that you have to remove the paper and paint. Have you been to a model home in the last decade? They’re loaded with wallpaper!

Wan to ease yourself into a papered room? Try a bathroom or even one wall of a powder room. It’s such a small space, the expense will be minor but the impact will be huge. You may just fall in love with wallpaper. If not, I can always continue to reminisce on the times way back when I lived on the East Coast and used wallpaper on a regular basis. It’s only a matter of time before it catches up here. I’m just saying, perhaps we can get ahead of one curve in design here Arizona! Geez!

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