Arizona is totally devoid of color

Dunn Edwards Swiss Coffee is my nemesis! Why is Arizona’s landscape so full of color and yet our interiors are so blah? I lived most of my life on the East Coast. Sure, in NY most houses are dirty brick, but in the rest of the Eastern states homes are every color of the rainbow. In AZ they come in tan, taupe and beige… but to make matters worse, for some reason, this colorless, lifeless blob of uninteresting continues onto the insides of our homes, as well! If the majority of Arizona residents are transplants from every other state of the union, why do they all come here and become zombies to neutral colored walls? What happened to the blue, green, yellow and other nicely colored rooms from whence you came? It’s as though people move here and develop a disease that makes them fearful of color. What can it do to you, other than warm up your space, brighten up your room and your mood as you gaze upon it when entering your home? Color is a wonderful thing. It can be inspiring, calming, enticing, exciting or expressive. It really is the most important part of your room’s interior. You can have beautiful furniture, but if the wall color doesn’t support the look, feel and color of the furnishings within a space, the room will always feel incomplete or empty.

In Arizona, those who are in the know have their rooms painted in the latest, fashionable colors and wall treatments. The remaining residents all follow the same soldier-like rule of thumb: beige walls with an accent wall or “pop of color”( I HATE this saying more than liver) in the accent furniture and accessories. Uh, I’m asleep!!! How boring is that? Live a little!!! Paint an accent table bright red, paint your rooms in an actual color and actually coordinate your accessories around that. Here’s a secret you may not know. No matter what color you buy, they’re all the same price! Tan paints do not cost less than the other ones! 🙂 SO, live a little and paint a room in a real life color. You just may like it and repeat the process! Not sure what colors will work well in your home, try calling me at 480-227-1832 for a color consultation. If you don’t live in the Phoenix-metro area, try my E-Design Services at www.roomdesigninabox.com. My business tagline is “Design…that’s anything but beige” btw!

The Mad Designer’s Ten Things I Hate About Arizona Interior Design #8

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