It’s a known fact that people love lists… I’m not sure why. Perhaps it’s because it’s an organized way of getting a point across. So, when I was asked if there were ten things about interior design in Arizona that pissed me off, my answer was…. “Just ten?”

Coming from NY, the mecca of all things amazing in design was a hard transition for me, but I loved the challenge. Although I miss the ability to do anything in interior design that is current or future inspired, I have had fun here in the last decade of taking Arizona’s Interiors to the next level. But, that doesn’t mean my work is done… far from it! ARIZONA INTERIOR DESIGN SUCKS! There is SO MUCH that needs to change if we are ever going to tout ourselves as one of the design-forward metropolises of the U.S. And with us so close to LA and Vegas, why can’t we compete? Perhaps someone can round up all of the bad designers in AZ and convince them to choose another field? Don’t I wish! However, since I can’t educate the some of the so-called designers here,  maybe I can start with the consumers.

SOOOOOO… here’s my top ten of bad design issues in AZ. They are in no particular order, because just as people love lists, they tend to look to the end of your list for the most important points on the list… Ha, ha, ha… not here people. You’ll just have to tune in every day for the next ten days and see what I’ve got for ya!


We are too far behind the current trends

We are an amazingly beautiful city. We are hip, on the move and urban (somewhat, we can be WAY more urban considering our growing population), yet when it comes to interior design, we are a snoozefest! Designers here are a major reason for it. They either don’t take the time to research what’s new or are too scared of it to try it out with their clients. Most designers here are old hat, regurgitating the same exact design style in each home and their portfolio ends up looking like Smurfette’s closet, every room looks the same! Arizona interior design is around seven years behind the rest of the world (yes, the entire world) in ingenuity. Our music is behind, our fashion is behind and our interior design is WAAAAAYYYY behind. How do I know this? Because three years ago clients began requesting what I was doing on the East Coast before I moved here! Uh, can we catch up please? Do you know how frustrating it is to attend the World Market Show in Vegas twice a year, only to come home and be told the same things over and over again? I’m always excited when a client is brave enough to let me educate them on what’s hot now or about to be hot versus what was hot four years ago… No AZ, grey is not the new neutral. It’s been the only neutral for the last four years now. And furniture store here are equally to blame, but I’ll save that for gripe #9!

The Mad Designer’s Ten Things I Hate About Arizona Interior Design

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