If you’re a fellow designer, you know this happens every few years. We wait on bated breath for the release of the Design gods, Pantone’s Color of the Year. And you have one of two reactions… “Yes” or “Are they serious, who am I going to use that on?”

2014 is one of those latter years. Don’t get me wrong… Radiant Orchid is a gorgeous color. It’s vibrant and strong and VERY, VERY PINK! IT’ S PINK! What male client is going to allow me to do pink in their home? Calling it Wild Orchid doesn’t make it any easier of a sell. A rose by any other name… yada, yada, yada!

So yes, Pantone, I’m upset with you! Thank you for giving me such an amazingly fun color to work with. For future reference, please send each one of us designers who’d like to invoke the right to use your color one client with whom we can do so, and I won’t complain… at least not as much anyway!

Oh, and if I do find a client who will allow me to use it, best believe I will be posting the results on this blog. It will be a beautiful space!

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The Mad Designer is mad at Pantone and Radiant Orchid…

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