Paint, glorious paint…. Oh how I love to select spectacular colors for the walls of my clients. There’s nothing more exciting than going into a dull, tan, ecru or Dunn Edwards Baked Potato colored home and injecting some life into it…

I always find it shocking that Arizona is a state full of transplants from every other part of the world but AZ; and every other state but AZ has colorful blue, green, yellow and red walls; however, homeowners move here, drink the water and then become drones to tan, brown and every other snoozable beigy neutral they can find. They douse their walls in drab then call themselves adding “little pops of color” in accents and throw pillows. ICK! When is this madness going to stop? Pop of color is french for I’m scared to waste $30.00 on a can of fun colored paint because I may hate it! But why would you? Look at your wardrobe! Do you only wear khaki pants and brown shirts? The colors you love are the colors you love, PERIOD! They can grace your walls and furniture as well as your closet! Yes, color can be scary, if you don’t do it right… SOOOO, do it right! Hire a designer to help you select the best paint colors for your spaces. There is a method to our madness, we don’t just randomly pick or always match your sofa color… actually, we hardly EVER match your sofa color! A color consultation is a very minimal investment for colors that you will have to live with for the next seven to ten years, regardless of whether you paint it yourself or hire it out to a professional.

Now, let’s talk sheen! Tell me why every darn home in AZ seems to have flat wall paint? In a state as dusty as this, what sense does this make? NONE! Flat paint has no protection in it, no coating, no wipability because it is not smooth, but takes on the texture of the wall. Walls need to be wiped on occasion. In order to clean a wall, it requires some sheen. Not to mention it makes a new paint job actually look new! Yes, Arizona walls have texture to them, most are orange peel or knock down. So, don’t go semi-gloss with the paint, like they use to do in kitchens and bathrooms in the 90’s. An eggshell or satin paint throughout every room is the best sheen for your home. It does not accentuate the texture on the walls, the way some feel it might. It makes your walls easier to clean and the dust does not stick to it. It just makes sense! I don’t care if you’re still stuck in the land of outdated Tuscan design or doing a Retro-Modern loft space, ditch the flat paint and make your life and the life of the person who cleans your walls a little bit easier and go for satin paint. You’ll love the result and it might actually catch on, so eventually Arizona won’t be so far behind the design curve, like we are… smh!

The Mad Designer discusses paint colors and sheens in Arizona

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