Hello design lovers! I’d like to introduce you to a friend of mine… well, actually she’s me! Meet my alter-ego, kinda like my Sasha Fierce (hey, if Beyonce can do it, so can I)! She’s The Mad Designer and she’s going to talk to you every week about interior design mistakes, flaws, design foolishness and just straight out Design HELL NO’s, nevermind Don’ts! … And TRUST ME, she’s been dying to come out for a while! She may not always be nice about it, but she’ll always be honest. If it’s ugly, it’s just plain ugly! How does she know? She’s been designing homes and businesses on the East and West Coasts for over twenty years… Yeah, she knows, she still looks good! But enough about her, let’s get back to the subject at hand!

Today’s design bs is all about Purposeless Decor. Yes, I understand that you are not going to have a direct correlation to every piece of decor you buy. Designers often fill your bookcases and niches with decor that has no significance to you, but just because it matches the color of the room, doesn’t mean it belongs there. Here’s a good example:

She has teal and aqua accents throughout the house, so this piece of art has got to work, right? Has she ever been to Paris? No. Does her home have Parisian decor? Uh, NO! So… what sense does it make to have the Eiffel Tower anywhere in this house? She could have made a photo gallery and matted the pics in hues of teal and aqua. She could have searched for artwork online by color. She could have just waited until she found something that truly spoke to her and matched the room. People, STOP buying frivolous art that has no meaning just because there is one little strand of a matching color in it… especially when it contains many other colors, like this one, that exist NO WHERE inside the room…

Here’s another DESIGNER HELL NO. Tell me what this bike is for? Are they professional mountain bikers? Did something funny happen with a bike in the past? Negative… They just needed something to put on top of this table that they bought for no other reason than to fill space… ANOTHER DESIGNER UH UH… Just because it fits, doesn’t mean it works. Accent furniture doesn’t have to match the other pieces in the room, but it does have to coordinate in some way, shape or form… This piece and its charming little super matchy mirror are too thin and too frilly for the weight of this space.  Statues can be tough. Yes, I know, it fits perfectly on this table… and to many it might go unnoticed as what it is, a space filler. But, if you know better, you’ll do better. Homeowners, YOU CAN DO BETTER! Now, go forth and find a better centerpiece for this table, like a vase or something. No one can say anything about a vase; at least I won’t! ………………………………………… Maybe.


See you next week! Besos.

The Mad Designer discusses meaningless decor…

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