Ask any designer; we’ve all heard it time and time again… “I’d like my room to be timeless”. “I don’t want my space to look too trendy, because I don’t want to have to remodel too soon”. While that may appear to make sense, to a designer it’s pretty much like the kiss of boring death. Sure, we can all create timeless interiors, all day long, without even thinking… a neutral room with neutral colored furnishings with little, subtle pops of color. SNOOZE! I say we can “create” them, but there is really nothing creative about it. The challenge for a designer is to be able to benefit from the amazing new trends and technologies given to us by the design gods that be and design fresh, new, interesting, funky spaces using all of the latest and greatest stuff and do it in the most unique way possible!

In the world of home decor, one would assume that timelessness makes the most sense. After all, who wants to keep redoing their home, right? That’s just as bad as having to constantly update your wardrobe because the pants you just bought are soooo last year! Huh, wait a minute? Most of us instinctively follow trends and don’t even realize it. Everything we purchase has a “life cycle”, from electronics to clothing, to food to cars. Most of us just don’t want to drive the older model with less features or have the iPhone 3. Most men can’t survive with the 60″ TV when they make an 80″ now… and heaven forbid that TV isn’t a smart TV or have 3-D built in; what’s the point? We follow trends out of habit, out of culture, it’s who we are; yet when it comes to our homes we quickly put the cabbash on the idea of doing anything fun and exciting to our homes because we feel that neutral will just be easier.

Do you remember a time, not so long ago, when homeowners would only remodel their home and put in it new things that they think the potential new homeowners would like? They’d say, “Eventually, when we sell it, we need it to have a neutral palette with nothing too crazy that someone wouldn’t want.” Yet, as a designer, I’d explain to that same homeowner that nearly every new homeowner that I work with buys a home and typically guts at least half of it because it’s just not their taste. There is so much variety of everything in home decor, from faucets and fixtures to countertops and cabinetry that it’s virtually impossible to predict exactly the style, color and configuration of ANYTHING that the future owner of your home, when you finally sell it, will want! You may not want to hear this because you put so much time and effort into your safe selections, but I RIP THEM ALL OUT!

Soooo, knowing this, why keep doing things for the potential benefit of someone else? Have you gone to see a model home lately? They are ANYTHING but beige, boring or neutral. The designers create fun color combinations and enticing design themes and potential homeowners swoon at the fun, funky decor. It’s what most homeowners want and the one thing they aren’t is “timeless”. Timeless is safe, it lacks personality. Timeless means devoid of anything that is modern because virtually everything newly created is part of a coming trend. Yet even timeless interiors can become dated. Just think about anyone who has done anything with beige or brown in the last decade. Tan is NO LONGER a relevant neutral color. Gray became our new neutral at least three years ago. Therefore any tan interior is no longer a timeless look, as tan and that neutral scheme are now outdated. It seems as though a homeowner just can’t win… and yet, you can! Here’s the secret… are you ready?

Really ready?

Good, here it is…………………………………………………………………………..


Design your home for YOU! 

There are a few things you probably didn’t realize about home decor. The average homeowner cosmetically remodels their home once every seven years.  It’s the average life cycle for most furniture from mattresses to basically constructed sofas. It takes around five years for the average homeowner to get truly sick of their interiors but often times another two years before they finally do something about it. Now, let’s get back to that “Timeless Design”. If you’re only going to swap it out for another timeless design seven years from now, why make it timeless at all? Why not live a little? Explore your inner cottage dweller or retro lover? Don’t just do an accent wall, paint the whole room in Aubergine. Try out gray, the new neutral and see all of the complimentary colors that you can pair with it! Your home can be so much, if you’d just ditch the idea of being timeless and live in this time, for just a little while. Let’s Play!

Tired of Timeless

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