Sometimes the best thing to teach a DIYer is that you can’t always “do it yourself”… While I’m a firm believer in the “you can do anything you put your mind to” mentality, I’m sure that positive thinking quote creator never tackled home improvement projects.

I entitled this post Painting 001 because I will not teach you how to paint the walls of your home. You will gain no special tips on how best to get clean lines and I will not share with you just how to coordinate the best color combination to achieve the look and feel you want. I will not do this because there is a science to it all and it can’t be learned in a blog post, nor an article written by “America’s Top Interior Designer”.

I’ve been an interior designer for nearly nineteen years. I love doing Color Consultations for my clients, but there’s a custom feel and individuality that goes into every room I do. There is no “special sauce” or secret formula for how we typically assign color to a room. There are so many factors that go into a designer’s paint selection and design thought process. If there was a formula, anyone could do it and ‘Color Specialists’ would not exist.

How Do We Select A Paint Color For Your Room?

The easiest and best way to select a paint color for your space is by first selecting furnishings for the room. Paint colors need to coordinate with the furnishings and that color palette can be developed in several ways; by pulling a color out of a patterned chair, an accessory or the main piece of furniture (although I wouldn’t recommend that). But then there’s the fun wild card that designers with skill like to use on daring clients, and that’s using an opposite on the color wheel that will coordinate perfectly by juxtaposition… Definitely work for your designer and not the untrained eye!

Where Do You Start And Stop The Paint Colors?

Sure, in many parts of the United States you have the standard box of a room- 4 walls, plain and simple; but that doesn’t mean you should go the now tired route of three walls the same paint color with one accent wall! There are so many ways to distribute a paint palette onto your room’s canvas. This is where our creative juices flow. We incorporate shapes, stripes, moldings, highlighted spaces, and focal points. If your wall has niches, bump outs or special recessed areas, they deserve special attention. Every room truly is different and while you can probably be creative with your own space, there may be tricks that we have up our sleeves that you have never even considered. Trust me, it’s what we do!

My Room Is Open To Others, Now What?

This worrisome question can frighten the average homeowner. With so many homes containing open floorplan spaces, this is a common question when painting a room. When most don’t know what to do with it, they just run with one basic color throughout the whole big space… or even worse, they attempt to make divider lines where there should be none. Transitioning in an open floorplan can be terrifying. This is an area where our expertise should be invoked, for sure!

Well, I can just ask my painter to pick colors, right?

Uh… NO! A painter is good at his craft, and that’s painting. A seamstress is good at following a pattern, but you wouldn’t ask her to design an outfit. A heart surgeon can transplant a heart, but he can’t create one. Allow us to do what we are so good at… creating a masterpiece on a blank canvas! You won’t be disappointed.

In summary, the colors on your walls can be a perfect marriage to the furniture and accessories throughout your space, you just have to decide what type of ceremony you are interested in… Do you wish to get married on an island or a cathedral done up to the nines… or would you rather go to the courthouse and get married by the Justice of the Peace? Either way, you’ll get the piece of paper, but only one is a truly rewarding experience with a lasting impression worthy of you!

Painting 001

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