A few months ago I had a client with a typical family room dilemma. They had SOME idea of what they liked and began to work on their space. They purchased a large flat screen LED television, then needed a cabinet to house it. They went to Ikea and planned a unit that the husband (the ultra contemporary of the couple) loved. They set it up in the space after they painted their walls a color they liked, and that was it… they were stuck on where to go next.

They are an amazing family with three young children who have taken their light beige furniture and destroyed it over just a few short years. The complete set of sofa, loveseat and matching chair and ottoman, not only looked tired in the space, but took up WAY TOO MUCH space. They wanted me to breathe life into the room at a budget that was comfortable for them. At just under $6,000, I accomplished just that. Let me show you how…

Inspiration board created on www.olioboard.com/users/designer01

My client’s designs always start with a drawing and/ or Olioboard in 2D or 3D format (when I have an empty shot of the room) and a floorplan of the proposed new space. The clients loved the furnishings selected and decided to proceed with the new space.

Before shot of the family room

Above is the before shot of the family room space. I actually like where TJ was going with his asymetrical cabinet design, but Debbie and her more traditional sense hated it. My job was to balance out Debbie’s traditional view with TJ’s ultra contemporary style, keeping the existing wall color and addding a new anchor color that they both agreed on- grey.

Grey is the neutral of the century. I never get tired of playing with it and challenging it’s ability to stretch a color palette. Watch what I did with it in this space…

This sofa from ZGallerie was the perfect solution for this space. Not only was it a perfect fit, but the fabric is far more forgiving for little messy fingers. It also gave TJ a lounge to chill out and watch tv, replacing his massive chair and ottoman. His favorite piece in the room was this table, a funky take on his previous asymetrical cabinetry. Accent colors of red, teal and a pale khaki green bounce nicely off the wall colors in this room.

Just a small adjustment to the previous cabinet layout allowed for fun colorful accessories, lighteing up the space and appealing to Debbie. Fun canvas art on the wall helps tie in all of the colors selected.

I can’t forget to show this adorable, deep red barrel back swivel chair from Pier 1. Not only is it a comfortable find for a great pricepoint of just $400, but it comes in red, brown and teal to match many current color palettes. Here it fit in perfectly, alongside the floor to ceiling faux silk, charcoal grey curtain panels.

This whole space works so well together and was done at a great savings to my client. They didn’t need to repaint, they kept their carpet, lower cabinetry and ceiling fan, making this space an affordable cosmetic remodel. Even though we didn’t change everything within the room, the change is no less dramatic. The mood is now more energetic, light and fun, yet the furnishings look more luxurious and most importantly… they love their new space! And that’s my favorite part 🙂

Small changes can make a BIG difference in your family room

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