My latest client has given me the best idea for my a blog series. Everytime I meet a client for the first time I run through a series of questions about their space, their life, their style. Many clients do an extensive amount of homework prior to our first meet. They cut out magazine pictures, show me houzz or pinterest pics on their ipads or just give me an idea of a style they wish to incorporate into their new space. A recent client, however, was completely stumped about her design style. She had NO idea what she liked and throughout her life had never defined a style for her space. She lived into her adult life with hand me downs and non-descipt pieces she purchased with no purpose other than function. I felt kind of sad for her, having never experienced the joy of loving a particular style of design. After all, I find many homeowners to love their different styles of decor and many are quite passionate about them, as are most designers.

I often try to circumvent the question, when asked by a homeowner “What is my style”. My answer is always simple, “It’s yours”. After all, that is our job- to create a home that reflects you, not ourselves. I feel some designers tend to get this wrong. If you look at their portfolios you’ll see the same style regergitated over and over again like a one trick pony. They fail to understand their main objective, which is their client. Once I am done within your space, it’s you who has to live there. I would never inflict my personal style on someone whose tastes is vastly different than my own. I also don’t like to reveal my style of preference because it may give the impression that I can master no other, when in fact, I have perfected many. A good designer can create an elaborate Mediterranean design and then go off and well execute an ultra-modern loft. But enough about us…let’s talk about those many styles that make our hearts skip a beat when you tell us, “That’s what I want my house to look like!”

There are so many categories of design and far more substyles within those categories. For instance- one could say they like contemporary… but what style of contemporary do you prefer- Ultra-Modern, Industrial, Rustic, Ethnic, Metropolitan, Mid- Century? The list goes on from there, these just happen to be some of the most current. Do you understand the differences between them and what makes them special?

Come along with me on my series dedicated to the many current styles of design and I will show you. Perhaps you will find a new style to love when we’re done!

My first post is all about GLAM CHIC or Metropolitan… one of my favorites and one of the most popular new (old) trends in design.

Design Styles- A New Blog Series on Current Interior Design Styles

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