When I was asked to create my vision of a perfect Mom Retreat, my mind couldn’t stop working…and I probably could have made ten versions of my ideal space. Unfortunately, who has that kinda time? Design work keeps me away from such luxuries, but thanks to Olioboard I can dream to my heart’s content. Let me share my dream with you.

My perfect sanctuary would have all of the things I love fused together into one adorable, luxurious space. It begins with one unique piece of furniture and creating a room around it. Here, that piece is this sexy chaise lounge. As there are “NO KIDS ALLOWED”, the fabrics can be as rich and silky as I desire without the worries of spills or drool from my grand-daughter Leah.

I can wear whatever I want in my space, so a top and my favorite pair of strappy heels plucked right from my nearby diva’s dream closet will do the trick. I can stretch out on a thick, high piled, silky shag rug and review plans for my dream project- a 20,000 square foot ultra modern home.

Right now plums, purples and greys are the colors of my heart (for the moment). I don’t like a lot of clutter or overdone decor, so my room has one special seat to read, relax by the modern fireplace or sip on a favorite red wine while I admire my shoe collection! The tufted tuffits in the closet, I am using in a client’s family room “Glam Chic” space and I just love them to pieces.

Tropical plants in a modern space are perfect, so I made sure to incorporate these agaves from Pier 1. A chandelier is a fun color makes this space special and ultra glam. Neutral is not an option in my retreat! A few final pieces from Zinc Door and a Budha to get my Zen on and my hideaway from my four children is complete. If only this were real!


I hope you enjoyed my #MomSpot. Please check out some fab spaces from the other 12 designers who make up the team of bloggers participating in our 3rd monthly Monday Blog Hop, sponsored by @Olioboard. Hop from one blog to the other and get inspired!




My Perfect Mom Retreat- #MomSpots Olioboard #Blog Hop 3

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