Tomorrow we begin the installation of an ultra modern fireplace niche in Scottsdale. I am so excited about this one for many reasons. First- we are working with my FAVORITE design style- contemporary and even more so, Ultra-Contemporary. Second- we are using a product which I love and have been dying to use in a residential application- 3-D Wall Art wall tiles.

The beauty of Ultra-Contemporary design is in the simplicity of it’s minimalism. Cabinets are sleek and contain everything inside. Shapes are geometric and accessories are sparse. Lines are clean and color possibilities are endless. The home that we are working in emulates this style perfectly with strong angles, slick, linear marble floor tiles and modern touches throughout. NO TUSCAN HERE!


The fireplace goes 20′ up from the floor.Here is the before pic.

Here is the basic drawing of what will be done. I am old school, so I still hand draw basically everything outside of my kitchen designs. (I just quickly colored these in for a better understanding of what we’re doing. My client got the good colored version of this previously uncolored version). The fireplace on the left is getting wall tile running up the entire front and side, dying into the back niche wall. The wall tiles have a raised design embossed on them, making them an appealing 3-dimensional piece of art on your wall. They will be sprayed a charcoal gray.

The niche wall that recesses to the right of this fireplace will be painted a beautiful, soft plum. Fitting perfectly in this niche is a custom, wall mounted cabinet which sits 9″ off the floor. It will be a high gloss red, a favorite color for my clients and apparent throughout their home in accents everywhere! The cable box will be hidden in a drawer and activated by remote through a ‘red eye’ system. This system allows full access to electronics which require sensors by placing a small sensor dot on the front of the drawer, allowing your remote to beam signal to the dot, which then transmits to your cable box. It works with virtually any electronic device, from cable to stereos and home theater systems.

Above the custom cabinet will be three floating black shelves to tie in the black from the fireplace trim. The shelves are staggered to allow space for large artwork or finds for my clients. The red custom cabinet will be made by my talented husband Jay at J&M Custom Millwork & Remodeling and I can’t wait to see the results! I’ll be sure to post the after pictures when the job is completed.

The next project in their home will be a 27′ wide mural of NY city above their patio doors (a strong desire of the homeowners, who are from NY, a couple after this NYer’s heart!)


Modern Beauty in a Living Room Niche

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