Sorry, I’m a bit behind on this blog’s postings. It’s because I have been steadily hauling butt to get the apartment done. I met with my client on Wednesday evening and she loved all of my ideas for her space. I came in at her budget, just a tad above $4,000 and I incoporated just what she wanted within her space. Here is the idea for the living room space.

The Plan

It’s a very small space so the board is very basic. For the seating, I am using a click clack (convertible) contemporary, open back sofa. It easily reclines to become a bed for her sister who will come visit from CA on occasion. The accent chair is from Target, as are the nesting tables- there will be two flanking the click clack. As much as I love the open metal and glass bunching tables, that is the one area that she seeks an alternative. I had previously mentioned the option of ottomans (something I love to do in front of a sofa). She’d like to use ottomans instead of these tables, as she’s not a fan of metal and would like the ability to put her feet up. My one challenge has been finding a solid color- either apple green or aqua (solid or print) that would coordinate with our print chair and colors, IN STOCK,IN OUR PRICE RANGE, IN ONE DAY…Not happening so far. My option now is a set of chocolate brown ottomans, which I’d prefer not to use because it will darken this color scheme, but I have a plan for that.

She wants happy colors and apple green combined with aqua are a joyful pair. I have the ability to paint, but will just paint a small square to accent a picture behind her click clack. That way, it is easy to paint back to their basic off white when she moves. This is a great solution for any space. If you can’t actually paint an apartment wall, buy large, thin canvases and paint those. Then overlap with your art. It adds a layer of color and textural interest and the same time!

The tv cabinet needed to be under 44″ and this was a challenge, as stands are made to hold much larger televisions these days. I don’t recommend Ikea for many things, but many of their media cabinets and a few bookcases and bedroom sets are quite decent and certainly appropriate for this space, as it is a temporary, budget conscious apartment. The Hemnes tv stand is 43 1/4″ wide and is made of real wood in a dark, espresso stain and matte finish. I am replacing the boring knobs with a simple, chrome knob to freshen it up. The confetti shag rug is SO comfy underfoot and too cute. Neither picture does it justice. It’s from Pier 1. I will post a pic of it close up in the space, versus the pic I obtained from the website. Sadly, the bookcase, WHICH WE LOVE, will not be delivered until next week. It was a fun, funky necessity in this space- my one bit of architectural appeal. I will come back and stage this piece when it arrives, to complete the space. Other than that, it will be 98% done tonight at 6 PM.

I was a bit delayed on my start yesterday, as the apartment was installing a new carpet (supposedly at 8 AM). I got there at 10 and they had just begun and it held up a few deliveries for two hours, but we made due, storing many in the kitchen and her laundry pantry. I will post a few pics today. Off I go!

2 Weeks in the Life of a SMALL Interior Design Job (Part 4)

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