5. Last but not least, I have to give kudos to the Bravo network for their ‘Interior Therapy with Jeff Lewis’ series. I love Jeff and, although not a trained designer, he plays a great one on TV. He’s a remodeler who has transitioned into the design world. Although he uses a different, quirky yet standoffish creative license in his show, he does accurately portray something very important in the world of remodeling- MISTAKES! There is no such thing as a perfect project. Mistakes do happen, orders get delayed, items get broken and measurements get transposed. It happens, but it’s your designer’s job to minimize them or even prevent them from affecting our clients on the job. Many times they are handled so you never know about them, but it’s misleading to show so many episodes without them ever occurring. It tends to makes homeowners worry when they do happen, since they never do on TV! Outside of the occasional backorder, when working with a designer, mistakes are minor. An experienced designer knows all of the right sources from which to procure your items to minimize costs and headaches. When a homeowner takes project management into their own hands, managing their subs and all of the material purchases can become overwhelming! You are not working with contractors and suppliers that you know well, as we do. Without those connections, the atmosphere is far more susceptible to mistakes.

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My bottom line, I guess, is that I would run a home improvement show entirely differently than what you see on TV. Would it be the most entertaining? I don’t know! I happen to think I’m quite fun to be around, so I’d imagine I’d be a fun watch. More important to me, I’d be educational (as well as cute), lol. Long gone are the Norm Abrams and Bob Vilas who attempted to give you an understanding of what they are doing to a space. But, has our ignorance truly become bliss, or just IGNORANCE? It disheartens me to see interior design reduced to an hour of superficial selections of the newest products, well placed ads hidden among screenshots and decorators pulling the prettiest wool over the eyes of their beholders. What designers do is not only an art, but a science. If homeowners could see the balance between the beauty of what we do and the skill involved to achieve it, they would have far more respect for us and the value we add to their project. That may make them less likely to go at many projects alone, but then more likely to get them right, the first time, for less! 

If I had a Design Show on HGTV/ DIY- 5 things home improvement shows should tell you! (Part 5)

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