3. I always enjoy seeing a project being done on a home show. The design staff is always 3-5 people, not counting the 2 behind the scenes who actually do all of the work, then you see like 6-10 guys all banging away at the home to get the job done. WOW, that’s a lot of people… who’s paying them all? On the show- no one, in your home- you are. And it normally looks nothing like that. Most crews are much smaller, as is the amount of design staff working on your home. These shows go for dramatic effect- like The Amandas do on their show. It doesn’t take 6 girls to complete one closet remodel! The truth is- labor costs are NEVER accounted for on television. It is such false advertising to show homeowners a $2,000 room makeover, then show the “items” used in the space. They didn’t include everything; they always include a few reused items but never talk about the reupholstery or refinishing costs and never discuss the cost of the electrician, plumber and various contractors it took to do the work. You always see these great $2,000 jobs that are actually $10,000 jobs. It really creates a false sense of value with the consumer!

Whether choosing to redo your space on your own or work with a designer, please know that every project involves some degree of labor that you may not be able to do on your own. Skilled services are valuable and although you can rely on a handyman to hang curtains or do some basic remodeling needs, if you need to do any pipe moving, electrical rewiring, flooring installation or other complex services that require a professional, definitely hire someone trained in that field and expect that those installations can add a significant amount to the cost of your project.

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If I had a Design Show on HGTV/ DIY- 5 things home improvement shows should tell you! (Part 3)

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