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That’s it. It’s happened… You’ve just watched an hour of television that has changed your life and empowered you to take on the role of DIYer extraordinaire! There’s just one problem- REAL LIFE DESIGN IS ABSOLUTELY, POSITIVELY NOTHING LIKE WHAT YOU SEE ON TV, and it’s quite frustrating for me and the tens of thousands of other designers who watch these shows to keep up with what they are showing you, the homeowner. 

I often wish that I could have my own show on these networks, where I could show the realities of working with a designer versus going it alone, because there are so many situations that occur between the opening shot of your room to be remodeled and the closing credits when your room is complete… AND WAY MORE COST THAN WHAT THEY WILL EVER DISCLOSE TO YOU. I always do my best to provide my clients as much detailed information about their projects from beginning to end as possible, but television shows about design are made to wow you, and, perhaps design reality would bore you? One things for sure… there are 5 REALLY IMPORTANT THINGS THAT THESE SHOWS JUST DON’T TELL YOU, and here they are:

1. It takes way longer than 3 days to remake your room. On TV everything is instant. The designer meets the client… Then the show cuts to a second appointment right after. This never happens! When did the designer have time to plan the space? How did they push your design to the front of the line, or do they have absolutely no other clients? And then, you’d assume they just went to one magical store, waived a wand and found every single piece they needed for the room- AND IT WAS ALL IN STOCK! (Wow, I wish I designed in that world, my life would be SO much easier! Lol)

So, here’s the reality. It can take anywhere from 1-3 weeks to get your plan together, depending on how busy your designer is. I average between 1-2. They have to source all of your room’s items from flooring to draperies to furnishings. Anything custom designed, takes more time to dream up, plan and draw for you.

Now that you have a plan that your designer presented, you approved & made no changes to… Your designer still has to order everything and await their arrival. I think I’ve thoroughly explained this one… NO magic wand, NO three day project. Not gonna happen!


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