I’m sure you’ve heard it said before: interior designers become more like a psychiatrist to their clients. We can’t help it, we really get to know you when we work with you, so intimately, within your space. One thing that seems to be SO, SO true is that a person’s home is usually a direct reflection of where they’re at, at that time. Here are a few of the most popular situations we come across.

Cluttered Spaces- If it’s cluttered, you may be in a state of being unorganized. Perhaps you just can’t find anything or have needed a place to put certain important papers, collections, or items you just never got around to buying an organizational piece for. Because of this, you are always searching for things you’ve misplaced. Maybe you haven’t gotten around to focusing on that project or work you are suppose to complete. When we don’t have dedicated, comfortable and organized spaces, we tend to have chaotic, frantic or unorganzied lives. You may have always been a very neat person and yet have dealt with an event that created this shift in your psyche. This can be resolved with a repurposing of your space, bringing in organzied pieces, but must also include a new wall color to transform your mind in addition to the way you work within your room. Make yourself happy to organize, happy to work. You need to do more than just find things, you have to be happy to find them when you do! This trick will help you transform your life.

Outdated Styles- If your home is outdated, you may be in a state of comfort due to fear of the unknown. You loved it back then and the room was perfect…why change it now? “It’s just easier to leave it the way it is”. Perhaps you have a memory attached to that room or a piece in it and it threatens your heart to remove that thing because you fear it will fade your feelings. Keeping the old that simply doesn’t work anymore is usually about the fear of change and sometimes updating can become a little upsetting as a result; however, you can move on and take a good memory with you. Take a picture of your old space to treasure or repurpose one good quality piece in the room and then renew the rest. Leaving the past behind can be difficult, but the wonderful new look will help you heal.

Make It Go Away- If you are ready to get rid of every single piece in a space, you are at a point of renewal in your life. Maybe you’ve held onto the look and furnishings in your home because they were part of an old life that you are ready to step away from. You don’t want ANY part of that memory… just junk it all! This is a great feeling to have. You are open to new commitments, new styles and are at the least inhibited stage of your life. Have fun with it! Go for a funky, bold color on a wall… break something that’s going to be switched out for something new! Donate any old pieces in good condition and share your uplifted, new lease on life!

Your home can be a psychological reflection of your life and there’s nothing wrong with that, but it’s cathartic to recognize it. Remodeling a space in your home can be an uplifting, spiritual or even mentally freeing gift for both you and your room. Take that step with a good interior designer, so you don’t have to bare the brunt of transformation on your own. Together we can move onto something beautiful!

The psychology of why you haven’t updated your space…

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